Outdoor fire glass

Using fire glass to add a touch of style and elegance to your fireplace

There is no better way than fire glass to enhance the look of the fireplace and spice up the décor of a place. With so many amazing colors to choose from, you will certainly find something that will suit your unique taste and preferences, and blend well with color scheme and overall décor of the room. You can use fire glass in both indoor and outdoor fire features. Just choose the right color for the mood and décor of the place and you will see that the place has instantly come alive with light and colors.

There are many reasons why homeowners and designers are changing over to fire glass from the traditional methods. First and most important is the aesthetic quality. If you have been using fire logs in your fireplace then you would have realized that they look too fake and are far from elegant. Fire glass offers a perfect alternative to these no-so-good looking traditional methods. With fire glass you can take the style quotient of the fireplace a notch higher, and turn it into a beautiful decorative centerpiece.

Fire glass comes in so many amazing colors that you can give wings to your creativity and use the vibrant colors to add zing to the room’s décor. You can use the colors individually to go with the room’s décor, or you can use a combination of colors to create even more spectacular effects. Clear fire glass is one of the most popular options, and is often used in combination with other bright colors to create an artistic effect.

You can also choose between regular fire glass and the premium reflective fire glass. The reflective fire glass comes with a mirror finish on one side that reflects the light a million times to create a spectacle that is truly mesmerizing. The natural or interior light when falls on the reflective fire glass makes the whole place glow with reflections.

Fire glass produces a small, blue flame that looks liquid-like and effervescent. It heats up the room better, and uses less gas compared to fire logs and stones. When the flame rises from the bed of fire glass, it creates a stunning fire display.

Even though fire glass offers the cleaner and more efficient alterative to fire logs and stones, there are certain things that one must keep in mind while using it. One should keep the kids away from fire glass even though there are no sharp edges, because they may mistake the glass pieces for colorful candies and try to put it in their mouth. Also, one should bear in mind that fire glass takes at least 15-20 minutes to cool down. So, one must not try to touch it before that.

So, bring home the beauty of fire glass, and give a modern and elegant touch to your fireplace.

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