Safety Tips for Handling a Propane Fire-Pit

A propane fire pit is a great way for you and your family to come together and spend some quality time outdoors, even during the winter months. However, as a homeowner, you should take the necessary precautions to ensure you are using your propane fire pit safely. This type of fire pit is susceptible to a higher risk of accidents, because propane is a flammable gas. So here are some safety tips to follow:

Choose a safe location to install your fire pit

You should install your fire pit at least seven feet away from your home and any other structures. Make sure there are no trees or branches hanging over your fire pit. Also, check for any electric wires near the fire fit. The goal here is to install your fire pit in an area well away from any flammable objects.

Ensure proper installation

Make sure to assemble the fire pit in the proper manner as described in the manufacturer’s instruction manual. Improper installation may cause leaks or cracks. If you do not have a manual, you can probably download it from the manufacturer’s website. You need to be extra careful when assembling certain parts, such as the propane burner.

Keep a fire extinguisher ready at hand

You never know when an accident might occur. If a fire breaks out and is not immediately dealt with, it could spread into all nearly properties very quickly. This is exactly why you should always keep a fire extinguisher handy. Make sure you know how to use it in the event of an emergency. Quick action can help prevent any damage before it’s too late. You also should know how to turn off a propane fire pit quickly and how to cut off the supply of the gas from the propane tank.

Keep any clutter away from the fire pit

Keeping a lot of items close to the fire pit will only increase the risk of accident. If a fire starts to break out, it could quickly get out of control. One way to reduce the risk is by keeping the area around the fire pit clean and clutter free.

Keep kids and pets away

If you have kids or pets in your family, it would be a good idea to keep a close eye on them when the fire pit is in operation. Children and pets may be attracted to the fire pit display, not realizing the danger a fire poses. Thus, in order to prevent any unnecessary injury, make sure to keep children and pets at a distance.

Ensure to regularly clean and maintain your fire pit

Over time, dust particles, dirt and grime may accumulate in the pipes and burner of the fire pit. As a result, the pipes and burner may get clogged, obstructing the natural flow of propane through them. This could be dangerous. You need to clean and maintain the fire pit regularly to ensure the unobstructed flow of propane. This will help prevent many serious accidents.

Avoid wearing flammable clothing

You should not wear outfits made from nylons or other flammable materials while near a lighted fire pit. Instead, wear clothes made of non-flammable materials.

Do not add paper, gasoline or other fuel to your fire pit

The propane gas is more than enough to ignite a strong flame. You should not add anything extra, including paper, gasoline or other fuel.


Enjoy your get together and your fire pit display!

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