Fire Glass Safety

Is fire glass safe to use?

Fire glass has completely revolutionized the way fireplaces are fire pits are decorated around the world. It has taken the style quotient of fireplaces to a whole new level with all its amazing colors and radiance. Today, you will find fire glass in best of the hotels, restaurants, and homes. However, many people still wonder whether using fire glass in their fireplaces or fire pits poses any kind of health or safety risk. So, we will dedicate this post to clarifying all doubts about the safety of fire glass.

First and foremost, fire glass does not pose health and safety issues of any kind. Here is how. Fire glass is made of tempered fire glass that is tumbled to get rid of any sharp edges. So, the edges are absolutely smooth and the fire glass is safe to handle and there is no risk of injury.

Wood and other organic fuels produce combustion by products such as smoke, soot and ash. Not only these by products make the fireplace or fire pit and the surrounding areas dirty, they are also extremely harmful for the health of your family. On the other hand, fire glass burns clean and does not create any smoke, ash, soot, or any other residue. So, you not only enjoy clean and efficient heating, there is no health risk involved as well.

The carbon emissions from traditional fireplace lighting methods can lead to several illnesses such as respiratory diseases, asthma, and even carbon monoxide poisoning. Having a gas fuelled fireplace or fire pit and decorating it with fire glass can take the style quotient of your fireplace to the next level and prevents many illnesses.

With fire glass, you get a straight and full flame that covers the entire fireplace or fire pit, but does not spread outside. Also, there is no chance of sparks leaving the fireplace and causing a fire. So, there is no risk of fire.

Fire glass is designed to withstand exposures to extreme temperatures. It does not melt, degrade or even crack at high temperatures making it an even safer alternative to the traditional methods. Fire glass does not in any way cause damage to your burner system or the fireplace or fire pit.

Fire glass is by far the most beautiful, efficient, and durable way to light your fireplace or fire pit. It is no way poses safety or health risk, and you can enjoy a beautiful fire display without all the nasty emissions that accompany traditional methods.

Blazing glass offers a comprehensive range of fire glass in myriad colors and sizes. You can choose the right color based on the overall décor and color scheme and place your order. To calculate the right amount of fire glass needed for your fireplace or fire pit, you can use our online calculator. Place your order, and have your favourite fire glass delivered to your doorstep.

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