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Why fire glass is the perfect alternative to wood logs?

Over the past few years, the popularity of fire glass among homeowners and designers has grown leaps and bounds. More and more people are moving away from the wood logs, and preferring fire glass for use in their fireplace, fire pits, and fire bowls. So, what is the reason that is causing this shift from wood logs to fire glass? Is it just the aesthetics or something else too? In this post, we will discuss some of the key benefits of fire glass over the wood logs. Here we go:


There is no doubt that fire glass is far more beautiful than any of the traditional products such as wood logs, ceramic logs, and fire stones. The beauty of fire glass lies in its versatility, colors, and the brilliant shine. With so many different colors to choose from, homeowners can use their creativity to match and contrast the colors with the overall color scheme in the room.

You can even mix and match different colors to create different themes, and take the style quotient of your living or entertainment area to a whole new level. Reflective fire glass is another type of fire glass that has a mirror finish on one side, which reflects light beautifully to create million reflections that illuminate the whole atmosphere.

Unlike wood logs, fire glass creates a large, liquid-like effervescent flame that offers an amazing fire experience. The large flame when dances off the bed of fire glass creates a fire display that is truly unmatched. In short, fire glass adds a touch of warmth and sophistication to the whole décor, while the wood logs look drab and outdated.

Functionality and durability

Fire glass is a clear winner not just in terms of aesthetics, but in terms of functionality and durability as well. There are many ways in which fire glass is more functional and eco friendly compared to wood logs.

Unlike wood logs, fire glass does not release any harmful carbon toxins, fumes or smoke. So, it has no adverse affect on the health of your family. Also, the fire glass does not leave behind any soot or ash, which means, there is practically no cleanup required. There is no ash, so you can easily store and maintain it.

Fire glass is made of tempered glass, which gives it amazing heat resistance to it. It can withstand extreme temperatures without losing its color, shine, or shape. It is made to last a lifetime, so you can use it again and again for years. This makes fire glass a much more ecofriendly option compared to the wood logs.

So, there is no reason why you should still be using the cumbersome wood logs in your fireplace or fire pit. Change over to fire glass and enjoy a spectacular fire experience for the lifetime.

4 years ago

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