Outdoor fireplace and fire pit

Outdoor Living: Does a Fireplace or Fire Pit Make a Better Choice?

Are you looking to add spark to your patio room or backyard with an amazing fire feature, but cannot decide between a fireplace or fire pit? Both fire pits and fireplace have their own charm, decorative value and efficiency, and the right choice depends on a number of factors including your own needs and personal preferences. In this post, we will make the choice a little simple for you, by telling you a little more about fireplaces and fire pits.

First, you need to know how fireplaces are different from fire pits. An outdoor fireplace is similar to the fireplace your find inside the home. It features an open box and chimney, and is designed in a way that you can sit and look at it from one side. On the other hand, a fire pit is more like a basin in which you can build a fire. While a fireplace is the focal point of your living area, a fire pit becomes a focal point only when fire is burning.

So, does that mean fireplace is the perfect choice for any outdoor living area? No, not if you are looking for flexibility in terms of seating area. With a fireplace, you always have to sit in one direction facing the fireplace, but with a portable fire pit you can rearrange the seating space in any fashion you choose. Due to its direction, a fireplace can entertain about 4-6 guests, but a fire pit can entertain a larger gathering. An average fire pit can entertain 10-12 people.

Fireplaces, on the other hand are beautiful architectural features that provide a magnificent focal element and decorate the outdoor living space like nothing else can. These tall features can also be used to conceal the unsightly views in your backyard.

Talking of cost of acquisition, a fireplace is much costlier than a fire pit. You can easily find a good quality fire pit in the range of $200-$500. Even if you consider buying a fire pit made of stone or pavers, it would be more expensive than a portable fire pit, but still less expensive than a fireplace. The price of an outdoor fireplace depends on the look and scale you want. If you need a custom made fireplace to fit perfectly into your outdoor décor, you should be prepared to part with a few thousand dollars.

In the nutshell, if you are looking for a budget friendly, outdoor heating solution that can entertain 10-12 people at a time, then a fire pit makes perfect choice for you. However, if you want something with a great decorative value and don’t mind spending a few hundred to a few thousand dollars, then an outdoor fireplace makes the right choice for you.

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