Most common fire glass questions answered

Can I use any glass in my fireplace or fire pit?

No, you need special type of glass that is exclusively manufactured for use in fire pits and fireplaces. Normal glass would melt or degrade at high temperatures and may emit harmful fumes. It is dangerous to use any glass other than the fire glass in your indoor or outdoor fire features.

What does it mean when you say its tempered glass?

Fire glass is tempered to render it more strength, i.e. to increase its impact strength and to make it harder to break. It has nothing to do with heat resistance of the glass.

Can I use fire glass in any type of indoor fireplace?

Our fire glass can be used fully vented fireplaces or fire pits equipped with a propane or natural gas outlet with an On/Off valve. It can be used in both indoor and outdoor fireplaces and fire pits.

Does fire glass produce heat?

Of course, glass is a great insulator. It has strong heat retention. It radiates heat and provides constant heat flow to warm the area. It produces equal amount of heat as wood does without emitting any soot or smoke. It is very efficient because the gas fire heats up the surface of the fire glass, which in turn warms up the entire room.

Does fire glass generate any soot or smoke?

As long as you have installed the fire glass properly in your fireplace or fire pit, it would not generate any smoke or soot, and you can enjoy the warmth even if you sit downwind.

Does fire glass get dirty?

As we just said, fire glass does generate any soot or ash, but like any other items in your home, it too can gather dust over time and get dirty. If you find that your fire glass has become dirty, all you need to do is wash it with a solution of water and vinegar mixed in 50:50 ratio. You will get the same sparkling look back on your fire glass.

Are there any sharp edges that we need to be careful about?

No, fire glass has not sharp edges that can cause injury. It is tumbled to remove any sharp edges, so you can stay assured that it is completely safe to handle.

How much fire glass do I need for my fireplace or fire pit?

The amount of fire glass needed for your fireplace or fire pit would depend on the size of your fire feature. There is a simple fire glass calculator available on our site that you can use to calculate the right amount. You just need to enter the dimensions, and it will give you the amount of fire glass you require.

Are glass doors or screens needed?

It is not required. However, for child safety if you think it is important, you can certainly have one.

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