Gas Fire Pit Safety

Gas Fire Pit Safety Tips

With a gas fire pit, you can enjoy an amazing fire experience without the risks of burning wood. However, this does not mean that you don’t need to take care of safety at all. Even with a gas fire pit, you need to take adequate safety precautions. Here are some safety tips that will help you stay safe when using your outdoor gas fire pit:

Consider BTUs

It is important to check the British Thermal Units or BTU rating before purchasing the gas fire pit. Technically, BTU is the measure of energy required to heat or cool one pound of water by one degree Fahrenheit. BTUs of a gas fire pit usually ranges between 40,000 and 60,000. Understand that the higher the BTUs, the bigger will be the flame. Take into account other factors such as usual wind speed in your backyard as it can increase the flame size.


The basic safety measure that you need to take is that you should install your gas fire pit in an area that is away from building overhangs and adjacent walls. Make sure there are no combustible materials in the close vicinity and that the fire pit is set on a non-combustible surface. Keep all combustible materials such as furniture, debris, cleaning agents, leaves etc. away from the fire pit. If you intend placing the fire pit table on a wooden deck make sure the fire pit has a pedestal of adequate height. Before you place the gas fire pit on the wooden surface remember to keep a non-combustible material under it for added protection.

Keep it covered and maintain well

Make sure the burner is clear of all obstructions at all times. Clean it regularly with a soft brush. Keep the fire pit covered when not in use. Rain water can do damage to the burner or the fire fillers. Even pests such as roaches, spiders and even rodents can find their way into the fire pit and cause some damage.

Here are a few things that you should avoid in order to ensure safe operation of your outdoor gas fire pit:

  • Keep children away from the fire pit especially when it is lit
  • Do not leave the gas fire pit unattended when it is in use
  • Many homeowners line their fire pit with a tin foil, but it is not required in case of a gar fire pit and can be dangerous, so it should not be done
  • Use fire glass, ceramic logs, fire balls or any other thing in the fire pit only if it is approved by the manufacturer. Not all fire pits are equipped to work with these, so check the manual before installing anything.

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