Fire Glass: All You Need To Know About Color Coordination

We have talked about choosing the right fire glass colors before, and in this post again, we will talk about it some more. Quite often, when we talk about color coordination, we simply pick a color that matches another color found in the room. However, color coordination has more to it than just matching one color to another. Here are some tips that you should follow when creating a color scheme for your fire pit or fireplace

  • Take a close look around your room and look for any colors that that are found at several places in your room. Don’t just look around the walls and upholstery; check out the floor as well to get some color ideas. Make a note of the colors that you find striking in the room.
  • You may be tempted to put together a cocktail of colors to make your fireplace or fire pit look more interesting and dramatic, but more the number of colors you use, the more it will dilute the theme and create a haphazard look. So, just choose a couple or more striking colors in the room and do not try to pull in all the colors.
  • If you are indecisive or cannot think of a single color that will work best in your fireplace or fire pit, then clear fire glass is the right choice for you. You can create the base of the fireplace or fire pit with clear glass and then add some colourful fire glass at the top as per your choice and need. This also gives you the ability to change colors as and when you like, because you don’t have to order full quantity every time.
  • It is important to focus on the colors of the fire pit finish or surround. Also, check out the wall color of the fire pit or fireplace before you choose fire glass. If you want to use a particular fire glass color, but that does not go well with the insides of the fireplace or fire pit, you can simply paint the inside in a color that blends well with the fire glass you have chosen.
  • If you want to make your fireplace or fire pit the visual focal point of your room then choose contrasting instead of complementing colors. However, if you want your fire feature to blend seamlessly with the overall décor and color scheme then it is better to go for complementing colors.
  • When choosing fire glass color to match a particular color in the room, make sure it matches as closely as possible otherwise it will completely spoil the look of the fire feature. You can always order a sample to get an exact idea of the color and check if it matches your chosen color or not.

These are just simple suggestions to help you choose the right fire glass color for your project. Combine these suggestions with your creativity to bring out the perfect look for your fire feature.

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3 years ago

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