Different Uses of Fire GLass

Do You Know We Can Use Fire Glass in So Many Different Ways?

Fire glass is an amazing product when it comes to giving a complete new look to the fireplaces. The colorful and radiant glass pieces can instantly turn a drab and dated fire feature into an elegant decorative piece. However, these glass pieces are versatile and can be used in various ways to highlight different elements of your home décor.

Glass is colorful, vibrant and radiant. You can use fire glass wherever you want to add some color and radiance. The reflective fire glass can reflect both artificial and natural light and create an amazing display of light and colors irrespective of where it is used. In this post, we will give you some ideas on using fire glass for purposes other than just lighting the fireplaces. Here we go:

Fire pits

One obvious application of fire glass apart from fireplaces is in outdoor fire features such as fire pits and fire bowls. Many people believe that fire glass is fragile and may not be able to survive outdoor conditions, but this is far from true. There is fire glass specially designed for use in fire pits and it can survive tough weather conditions such as heat and moisture with ease.


We know you have been using bark mulch for years in your landscapes, but you can now make a statement by creating groundcover with colourful fire glass rather than the mulch. The variety of colors available at your disposal can help create landscapes that are truly spectacular. You can use purple, green, red, and their combinations to make your landscape come alive with vibrant colors and glitter.


These days, fire glass is increasingly being used in terrazzo flooring to add color. Fire glass is sturdy and durable, and can add immense elegance to any terrazzo flooring. Designers often combine a variety of glass colors to create interesting patterns. It is a great way to give a modern twist to terrazzo floorings, and create amazing designs.


These glass pieces are also used by interior designers to create beautiful and interesting countertops. These glass chips give a whole new look to the concrete countertops. With so many vibrant colors to choose from, designers can create statement countertops that anyone would love to work on. These countertops are sturdy, and yet extremely elegant. They are eye catching, and make the whole kitchen look extremely impressive.

With fire glass, you can enhance your home décor in a number of ways. It not only adds to the aesthetic quality, but also enhances the overall value of home, because buyers are always ready to spend a little higher on homes that have a designer look and some special touches that make it stand out from other homes in the neighbourhood.

So, add your own special touch using our colourful and radiant fire glass. Check out our collection to find your favorite color, and place your order.

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