All you need to know about fire tables

Indoor and outdoor fire pits and tables are an extremely popular accessory in the home decorating world. With these stylish fire features, home owners can replicate an upscale, and lounge-like look inside their homes and in backyards. Fire pits and tables are now available in unique, contemporary designs that give a whole new look to the décor. Most of us are familiar with fire pits, but fire tables are a relatively new phenomenon, and is already making waves in the interior décor market. In this post, we will discuss fire tables, and how you can use them to enhance your décor.

Fire tables are available in a wide variety of materials including copper and stone. They come with glass top or stone surfaces with custom designed patterns, and when the flames rise from these surfaces you get a fire display that is spectacular. Depending on the burner you use, you get various flame patters such as flowers, yin and yang symbols, sun symbol, martini glass flame patterns, and more. So, its time you bid goodbye to the patio tables, and bring home a stylish fire table. There are various ways in which you can accessorize the fire tables, and enhance their aesthetics even further. Here are some accessories you must consider for your fire table or fire pit:

  • Cushioned chairs with arm rests, so that you can sit around your fire table and enjoy the warmth and flames
  • To create a lounge like ambience in your backyard or patio room, you can put some love seats
  • For a comfortable seating around fire pit or fire table you can go for contemporary styled ottomans and benches. These furniture pieces are available in long and square shapes, and you can choose the one that fits well and suits your preferences

To make sure that you get only the best fire table for your home, look for these modern features in it:

  • Some fire tables come with fire rings that tend to corrode or rust over time. Pick up a fire table that has no fire rings
  • Make sure it has panels for controlling heat output of the flame
  • You can find fire tables with sophisticated mosaic designs created from tile and other stone materials. These fire tables take the style quotient of the place to a whole new level
  • You can also choose between various tabletop options and central flame patterns
  • You can get fire tables designed according to your needs and desires. If you have a design in mind, you can discuss it with the manufacturer and have a customized fire table prepared for you home.

Once you have the fire pit or fire table ready, you can spruce it up further by adding colorful and radiant fire glass to it. These shiny glass pieces add immense elegance to the fire table, and turn it into a decorative centerpiece. So, bring home a stylish fire table, and add fire glass to it make it look even more elegant.

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