Fire pits with ring burners

Tips on Installing Fire Glass in Fire Pits With a Ring Burner

Fire glass is the ultimate way to turn your fire pit into a decorative centrepiece. However, it is important to install it properly in order to get a beautiful flame. In this post, we will elaborate the right way to install fire glass in your fire pit when using a ring burner:

Placement of the gas inlet holes

When using fire pit ring burners you need to first decide whether you want the gas inlet holes in a downward or upward position. Even though most people believe that it does not make any difference, but it certainly makes a difference to the heating and efficiency of your fire pit. Some people recommend pointing the holes in one direction in propane applications, and in the other direction in natural gas applications. However, it is a good idea to point the gas inlet holes upward. By doing this, you direct the flame to the top surface and enjoy it better compared to when the holes are pointed downward. Also, pointing the holes downwards heats up the contents of the fire pit and the enclosure as well.

By pointing the gas inlet holes upward, you get better fuel efficiency. You get a bigger and better flame at a lower gas pressure. If you point the holes downward, you will certainly get a smaller flame, and use nearly twice as much gas pressure.

Fire pit fillers

In most cases, there is a reasonably large gap between the base of the fire pit and the fire pit ring, and you would need a filler to bridge this gap. There are a variety of options available to choose from. Because you are to use the filler underneath a layer of fire glass, it is important that the material you choose is non-porous as porous materials tend to trap gas within the air pockets, and this gas may accumulate at the bottom and cause combustion. Pea gravel is a good option as it is non-porous. Lava rocks on the other hand, tend to collect gas, and sand fillers retain moisture longer compared to pea gravel, which may cause damage to your burner.

Add the colourful fire glass

With your fire pit ring burner installed and connected, and the filler in place, now is the time to give your fire pit an aesthetic makeover. Get the fire glass in a color of your choice, and spread a two inch thick layer over the fire pit ring burner and the filler. You can spread the fire pit glass evenly to form a levelled surface, or create a mound depending on the kind of look you want to create.

To know the exact quantity of fire glass you will need for your fire pit, you can use the calculator available on our site.

If you are looking for fire pit ring burners, and fire glass to complete your fire pit project, you have reached the right place. Check out our amazing collection of fire glass, and you will certainly find the color of your choice.

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