Spruce up your patio room with a stylish fire table complete with some gorgeous fire glass

Do you want to turn your patio room into a place where you and your guests can gather, and enjoy food, cocktails, and conversations? Quite often, the patio room remains like an auxiliary room that is used only occasionally. However, with some creativity and efforts you can turn your patio room into a place of your dreams. Small changes can go a long way in improving the look and functionality of your patio room.

If you are looking to give an instant facelift to the patio room without spending too much on remodeling, designers, or expensive decorative items, then here is a great idea for you. Just bring home a beautiful fire table and add colorful, radiant fire glass to it, and the whole ambience will come alive with light and colors.

The good thing about investing in a fire table is that you can move it around as required. If you plan to have a get-together in the garden area or by the poolside, you can simply move it there, and create the same romantic ambience as you had in the patio. Pick up the one that works on propane or natural gas as it offers better functionality and a cleaner way to stay warm. With these fire tables, you can easily use fire glass to enhance its beauty and style.

With the beautifully colored fire glass in your fire table, your patio room with brighten up and turn into a wonderland that you and your guests would fall in love with. However, make sure you choose the right colors for the fire glass, or else it will not gel well with the rest of the décor. Look around for ideas in and around the room, there might be a set of cushions in a bright color that you love or there is a rug that simply stands out because of its lovely color. You can choose fire glass to go with this color. The splash of bright color will take the style quotient of your patio room to a whole new level.

Another way to choose a color is to go for a contrasting rather than a complementary color. If you have a basic, earthen décor in the patio room then add bright colored fire beads to it to bring the whole décor to life. When a large flame rises from the bed of radiant fire glass, you get a fire experience that is truly unmatched.

Unlike the traditional fireplaces that used real wood, these gas powered fire tables do to emit any smoke or fumes, so you can host your guests in the patio room, and treat them to a beautiful fire display without troubling them with the nasty smoke.

So, render a touch of modern elegance to your patio room with a fire table filled with some gorgeous fire glass.

3 years ago

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