Some Simple Tips To Maintain Your Outdoor Fire Pit

Fire pit creates the perfect backyard ambience, providing a great gathering place for friends and family on a cool evening. However, you must take good care of your fire pit to get the best possible performance from it. Here are some simple maintenance steps for your fire pit that will keep it safe and working efficiently for many years to come.

Clean it regularly

Cleaning your fire pit regularly is important not just to maintain its appearance, but also to prevent potential fires. You can simply clean your fire pit with a broom. Just sweep the inside area with an angled broom, but if an angled broom is not available, the standard broom can work just as well. Make sure you sweep the fire pit in one direction and remove the dust, ash, or debris that may have got accumulated over the time. It is also important to clean the around the fire pit as any leaves, grass, twigs or other inflammable materials can catch fire. If you have a wood fired fire pit, then you can use the ash as a fertilizer for areas where plants don’t grow very well. It will work wonders.

Seal the Stones

If your fire pit is built using decorative concrete stones, then you should seal the stones periodically to keep your fire pit in perfect working order. Even though these paver stones are quite durable, they can begin to wear and erode because of constant exposure to harsh weather conditions. To seal and protect the paver stones you can simply apply a thin layer of stone or concrete sealant. Choose a sealant that can withstand exposure to high temperatures, and is suitable for outdoor use.

Keep the fire pit covered

Keep your fire pit covered when not in use as it will protect it from the elements and will also reduce the amount of cleaning that it requires. You can use a water resistant vinyl tarp to cover your fire pit, and use stones or other heavy objects to secure the tarp.

Extinguish the fire

After you have enjoyed your fire pit, you must put out the fire completely. Even if there is no risk of fire and the flame is contained well within the fire pit, you should extinguish the fire to prevent wearing of the fire pit. By putting out the fire immediately after use, you can prolong the life of your fire pit considerably.

If you still don’t have a fire pit in your home, you can create a fire pit of your dreams using one of our fire pit burner kits. These DIY kits come with everything you need to get your fire feature up and running. These fire pit kits are designed using top quality materials and are perfect for outdoor use. These fire pits require minimal maintenance and last long. Top it up with some colorful fire glass and you will get an unmatched fire experience.

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