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Simple Fire Pit Maintenance Tips

A Fire pit is an ultimate backyard accessory for entertaining guests. It keeps you warm in the chilly weather and enhances the outdoor décor like nothing else can. Fire pits create the perfect ambiance for you and your guests to enjoy. You can further enhance the aesthetic appeal of the fire pit by using some modern fillers such as fireballs and fire glass. In this post, we will discuss some simple tips to maintain your fire pits.

Remember, fire pits are made of high quality and sturdy materials, but you need to maintain them properly or else they will rust or get damaged due to prolonged exposure to elements. With proper care, you cannot only improve the efficiency and performance of the fire pit but also prolong its life. So, here is how you should care for your fire pits:

  • If you use wood or any other organic material in your fire pit then you would need to get rid of the ash and embers regularly. If you remove these regularly, they will spread to the entire patio room or backyard and create a mess. Once the embers have cooled down, just collect them in a container and dispose of.
  • A cast iron fire pit may need extra care to prevent rusting. It is a good idea to apply vegetable oil after a few uses to prevent formation or rust on the iron. You may have to paint your fire pit or fire bowl occasionally depending on the material it is made of. If it requires painting, you can just go across to a hardware store and get a high-temperature spray paint. If you are not sure as to which paint would work best, you can ask the paint representative to suggest the paint that is right for your fire pit.
  • Cover your fire pit or fire bowl when it is not in use. Protect it from harsh winter conditions and rain as much as you can.
  • The worst thing one can do to a fire pit or fire bowl is to pour water in it. It can damage the burner and deteriorate the walls of the fire bowl.
  • Never throw any plastic materials into your fire pit, they can combust quickly and cause an explosion. Not only this, it will give out toxic fumes that can adversely affect your health and the environment.
  • Wash your fire glass with a solution of vinegar and water in equal proportion when required. Avoid using any harsh cleaning agents as they can damage the glass.
  • Adhere to all the safety and care guidelines provided by the manufacturer of fire pit and fire pit burner.

With these simple tips, you can get the best out of your fire pit, and prolong its life by many years. Doing these things does not cost anything, and will protect your investment for years to come. Make sure to check out Blazing Glass Store for high-quality fire feature products at amazing low prices.

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