Preparing Your Fire Pit For The Winter

Winter usually means that you take your entertainment indoors no matter how much you love to host your guests in your beautiful garden. However, with a fire pit installed in your backyard, you can enjoy the fresh air and spend some good time entertaining friends and family without having to shiver with cold. Now that the winter is almost upon us, its time to prepare your fire pit for entertainment, get-togethers or simply to unwind. Here are some tips that will help you get your fire pit ready for the winter. We will focus on tips to get your gas fire pit cleaned and ready for proper winter storage. With these maintenance steps you will not only get the best performance from your fire pit, but also ensure that your fire pit lasts for years without requiring any repairs.

  1. Chances are that you have not used your fire pit for months. This means it would have gathered a lot of debris such as dirt, dust and rocks. There will be a lot of debris if the fire pit was not kept covered. The first step to get the fire pit ready is to remove all the debris.
  2. Shut off the gas line for natural gas and close the gas valve at the base of fire pit.
  3. Shut off the fuel supply and remove the propane tank from the base of the fire pit.
  4. In case there are any accessories such as a wind guard, remove them too and store them.
  5. If you had been using any fire glass, fire balls or any other media in your fireplace, and didn’t remove it during the time the fire pit was not in use, you will need to remove it now and clean it.
  6. Clean the burner, pipes, interior and exterior of the fire pit and cover the burner.
  7. Use a good vinyl cover to keep the fire pit safe when it is not in use. Moisture and other elements can cause damage to the fire pit so it is extremely important to keep it covered to preserve its functionality and maximize its lifetime.
  8. When you need to use the fire pit, just remove the cover and hook up the gas supply. Add fire glass or any other media and enjoy a beautiful flame!

With your fire pit now ready for show off, you can invite your family and friends over for a beautiful evening in your backyard or patio room at any time of the year. No need to huddle your guests together inside your home, with your fire pit heating up the atmosphere you can conduct all your entertainment activities outside.

Make your fire pit your perfect spot to unwind; just turn up the heat and enjoy the beautiful flames rising from the bed of shiny, colorful glass pieces. If you don’t already have a fire pit, or have not accessorized it with fire glass or fire balls, just check out the collection at Blazing Glass and place your order!

4 years ago

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