Rust Gas Fireplace

How to Get a Rustic Look For Your Gas Fireplace

These days, gas fuelled fireplaces and fire pits are the first choice of every home owner due to their efficiency and clean operation. However, some people miss the old world charm of the wood fuelled fireplaces with their blazing flame and crackling sound. We cannot completely replicate the look of the wooden fireplaces, but we can certainly help create a more earthen and rustic appeal to your modern gas fireplaces and fire pits.

With fire logs, balls and shapes, you can give a complete new look to your fireplace and fire pit, and at the same time add a touch of rustic beauty to it. The fire logs resemble the traditional wood logs, but are a cleaner and efficient alternative to them. You can find fire logs in different colors and finishes, each having its own appeal. From pine cones to birch and frosted oak, there is a huge variety of fire logs available for your vented applications.

These fire logs are made of ceramic and are designed to last long. Unlike the actual logs, these logs do not perish with one use, and can be used any number of times. You can choose the look that you like, for example, if you want to create the camp fire look with your   fireplace or fire pit, then evening campfire ceramic logs set is the right choice for you.

Need something more stylish than the regular logs? Consider fire balls and fire stones for their unique and earthen appeal. Fire balls are made of the same material as fire logs so they have the same properties as fire logs, but have a beautiful circular shape and are available in seven colors including beige, adobe red, brown, back, natural, dark gray and light gray. You can choose same sized balls or different sized balls depending on the look you want to achieve. Fire balls are also available in different sizes, so you can choose between smaller balls or the big balls for a more impressive look.

If you need to give an amazingly rustic appeal to the fireplace or fire pit, then our fire stones should be your first choice. Available in different sizes and seven colors, these fire stones can give a complete new look to your fire feature. Each fire stone has a unique shape and look perfectly natural.

To give a whole new twist of style to the fire feature, go for our fire shapes. These are made of the same ceramic balls as fire balls and logs, but have been cut into different shapes such as circle, square, cone and various other shapes. These shapes create a dramatic look in the fire feature.

Fire logs, balls, stones and shapes are available in different sets to fit various fireplace sizes. So, check out the collection, and take your pick based on the look you want to achieve.

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