Gas Fire Pits: Understanding Different Ignition Systems

Over the years, fire pits have evolved into sophisticated, stylish and highly functional features that no longer emit harmful smoke and soot. Thanks to the gas fuelled fireplaces and fire pits you get to enjoy a beautiful flame and clean heating. Moreover, these fire pits are extremely easy to switch on and operate.

With so many types of gas fire pits with different ignition systems available in the market you may find it difficult to make the right choice. Here is some important information to make the decision simple for you:

Match lit Systems

These are the most popular and basic ignition systems that require the user to just open the gas valve using a valve key and then light the burner with a match. Users can turn off the fire pit by just closing the gas valve.

Spark ignition System

This one is more advanced compared to the match lit ignition systems. In spark ignition systems, an ignitor probe is installed on the burner next to the gas outlet. This ignitor probe is connected to a push button with a valve. The user just has to open the gas valve using the key and push the button causing the probe to spark. This in turn ignites the burner. The spark is usually battery powered to no electricity is required. The battery is placed within the button and can be replaced easily.

Manual Safety Pilot System

These ignition systems are designed to cut off the gas supply in case of a failure with the pilot flame. Manual safety pilot systems either use spark ignition or are match lit. The thermocouple and the pilot are installed next to the gas outlet and connected t a gas valve. When the user presses and turns the knob, it opens the pilot valve starting the gas flow. The pilot is lit using a spark ignitor or match. The thermocouple gets engulfed in flame and the heat procudes electricity, which flows to an electromagnet and keeps the pilot valve open.

The knob is kept in the pressed position until the pilot light is burning on its own, and is then turned to the on position. As the gas flows to the burner, it is lit by the pilot flame. In event of pilot flame getting extinguished, the thermocouple cools down and no longer generates electricity and the valve shuts, in turn shutting the gas supply.

Electronic Ignition Systems

These are the most advanced ignition systems available. All you need to do is press a button and the rest is taken care by the system. This ignition system requires an external power source, either from a battery or mains supply. These systems are remote ready, and you can buy a remote device to operate the fire pit.

With this knowledge of the ignition systems, you can choose the fire pit that best suits your convenience. Once you have made a choice, just check out the amazing collection of fire pits on Blazing Glass and you will certainly find what you are looking for.

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