Custom Made Fire Table

Customise your fire table to reflect your style and personality

In the past few years, outdoor living spaces have become hugely popular among homeowners. Patio rooms are totally in vogue, and homes that have outdoor living spaces tend to fetch higher prices in the market. People spend a lot of time, effort, and money to enhance the style and functionality of their patio rooms, and one good way of doing is through a fire table. If the winter chill keeps you from using your patio room, then a fire table will not only save you from the chill, but will also greatly enhance the aesthetics of the room.

There are various options available if you want to personalise your fire table to suit your taste, preferences, and style. This way, you can enhance the look and décor of your patio room even better, and spread warmth and elegance all around. Here are some options available to personalise your fire table:

Table tops: Just like in a normal table, even with a fire table you get to choose from a variety of table top options. Depending on your liking and the overall décor of your patio room, you can choose a table top that is not just stylish, but sturdy and heat resistant as well. From high quality granite to other stone options, there is a lot to choose from. Most of these stone options are available in an array of colors that can highlight your décor, and Apart from the material of the table top, you get choice in the shape as well. Square and round are the most popular shapes, but you can get your table top customised to your needs as well.

Burners: You will be amazed to find so many stylish burner options in the market that produce sculpted flame patterns such as sun, flowers, peace sign, and many others. These flames create a fire display that will leave you and your guests enthralled. The whole décor will come alive with colors and light. It creates an ideal ambience for you and your family to come together and have long conversations while everyone enjoys a spectacular fire display. You must have seen these sculpted flame patterns in the high-end hotels and restaurants, and now you can enjoy them right here in your own patio room.

Fire glass: Fire glass is your best bet if you want to add radiance and color to your fire table. There is a whole world of colors to choose from, and you can really spruce up the whole décor with some bright and radiant fire glass. You can choose ¼ inch or ½ inch fire glass or fire beads depending on the look you want to create. You can even mix and match colors to create a more stylish look.

Using these tips you can personalise your fire table, and perk up the décor of your patio room.

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