Buying a perfect fire pit for home

Choosing the Right Type of Fire Pit for Your Home

Most of us cannot even imagine living without a fire pit in the winter season. Forget the comfort, it is a great excuse for a family gathering and also adds visual breaks to your otherwise dull looking backyard. In some countries with extremely cold weather conditions, people use fire pits throughout the year.

You’ll find many different types of fire pits to choose from. In fact, choosing the right type for your backyard could be a little confusing. Depending on your purpose, requirement and preference, you can choose a temporary, permanent or portable structure. Just make sure you choose one that is highly functional and adds to the aesthetics of your backyard. Here’s a look at four different types of fire pits, and their pros and cons.

Wood Burning Fire Pits

A wide variety of wood burning fire pits are available to suit almost every purpose. You can choose from the following options.

Wood Burning Grill – If you want to use the fire pit for cooking and grilling, consider opting for this type. It contains a grill gate attached to the flaming embers

Outdoor Fireplace – This type of wood burning fire pit helps add spice to the look and feel of your patio. You can either choose a portable or a built-in design.

Brick or Stone Fire Pit – If you are looking for a cost-effective yet durable design, consider using a fire pit made of stones, bricks, and cinder-blocks. You can even try your hand in making it on your own.

Wood burning fire pits are highly functional and available in a wide variety of designs, but they require regular maintenance.

Propane Fire Pits

If you rate convenience over cost, go for propane fire pits. With these fire pits, you don’t have to bother refilling gel or wood every few days. You have the following options to choose from.

Portable Propane Fire Pit – As the name suggests, this type of fire pits can be taken from one place to another without much hassle. Some models come with wheels, allowing your move them from one place to another conveniently.

Copper Bowl Fire Pit – If budget is not a problem, this is perhaps the best option for you. Made of copper, this type of fire pit can withstand more heat than any other types can. It also comes with a stylish look and usually lasts for years.

Fire Pit Table – This type comes with a table-like look. If you have children in your family, consider opting for this type, because the model does not allow kids to come too close to flames.

Propane fire pits are expensive. Moreover, foods cooked over propane may not be as flavorsome as those cooked in wooden fire pits.

Gel Fuel Fire Pits

Gel fueled fire pits come with attractive looks and easy to move from one place to another. If you want to use gel fuel, but still get the look and feel of a fire, consider selecting gel fueled logs. You can also try other options, such as a tabletop fireplace. The only drawback of a gel fueled fire pit is that it does not produce as much heat as the other types produce.

Natural Gas Fire Pits

These types of fire pits run on natural gas and are available in a wide variety of designs. For instance, you can opt for a sunken natural gas fire pit, or a square, round, or tabletop design. The drawback is that this type of fire pit would a permanent fixture and the cost of natural gas could be expensive.

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