A quick guide to buying a propane fire pit

Fire pits have become hugely popular among homeowners both for their functionality and aesthetic value. However, with so many types of fire pits available in the market, making the right choice can be difficult. There are various factors that one must take into account when looking to purchase a fire pit. Start by deciding the exact location where you would like to place the fire pit. If you are not too concerned about the amount of heat, and need fire pit more for its style value then propane fire pits make the perfect choice.

Propane fire pits burn cleaner, and they do not emit any smoke. You can regulate the heat from the tank, which is an extremely useful feature if you want to place the fire pit close to your house or in a smaller area. In such situations, you would not like to trouble your guests with all the smoke from a wood burning fire pit. To take the style quotient of your fire pit a notch higher, you can even consider adding some colorful fire glass to it. Fire glass adds immense elegance to the whole décor and makes the place come alive with colors and radiance.

Propane fire pits produce lesser amount of heat compared to the wood burning units. Unlike patio heaters that have a shield to radiate the heat downwards in a circle, the propane fire pits radiate heat straight up. This means, you need to take into account any wind that may reduce the radiated heat generated by the fire pit. To know the maximum amount of heat that the propane fire pit can put out, you must consider the BTU rating of the unit.

When positioning the propane fire pit, you must check all the installation and safety instructions provided by the manufacturer such as the minimum distance that should be maintained from ceilings, buildings, or other structures. As a rule of thumb, the gas fire pit should be placed at least 15 feet from any adjoining structures. In case, you have limited space, you should rather consider other available options such as infrared heating. When purchasing a fire pit for an enclosed area such as a patio room, you must take into account the height of the roof and ensure that there is enough air circulation. These fire pits are strictly not to be used in any enclosed interior areas.

Gas fire pits come in a variety of styles, and the most popular of them are the fire pit tables. You can choose a fire pit table that goes well with your outdoor décor. To make these fire pit tables look even more spectacular you can use fire glass and enjoy a beautiful fire display when the flame rises from these radiant and colorful glass pieces.

Fire pits come with a range of price tags, and you can choose the one that suits your budget, and meets your needs the best.

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